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Eyeagile developmentAgile development methodology provides opportunities to access the direction of a project throughout the development lifecycle. Eyeagile is an agile project management tool that helps software teams to accelerate the software delivery and amends project visibility to their agile initiatives. It offers you a revolutionary application with superb visuals features with robust analytical improvements and great flexibility to manage your agile development. With the unique pair of easy adoption and easy scaling, Eyeagile has become successful in agile development and has gained competitive edge over the market. Eyeagile’s success is in providing features like requirement management, agile enablement, project management and quality management on a centrally hosted and managed platform. It provides an effective collaboration across teams, projects and tools with a unique combination of easy adoption and easy to scale.

Our mission is to help software teams of any size to visualize and deliver best quality software with open, easy to use, and complete agile development platform. From requirement management to project tracking, planning, customize reporting and customer engagement, Eyeagile helps software organization to make agile, integrated and simplified software project.

Eyeagile- Agile project management platform

Eyeagile- Agile project management platform

Eyeagile is an agile software management tool with an integrated solution to effectively manage all typical aspects involved in developing/ managing software solution. It provides various features to make your software development easier, smarter and faster.

  • Provides planning and tacking of a project on a single platform.
  • Provides better visibility throughout your project development lifecycle.
  • Better collaboration between multiple teams and multiple projects.
  • Accelerate the project development time with the adoption of agile approaches.
  • Provides an intuitive interface.

Why Eyeagile?

Today organizations are much faster, more doled out and unstable than ever before. In order to gain competitive edge over the market, organizations require more flexible and easily adaptable software development solution. With an astute eye on the critical needs of an organization, Eyeagile helps you deliver software with-

  • Improved quality
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced cost
  • Effective communication and improved collaboration

Improved Quality-

The two lean factors glaringly in quality assurance are eliminating waste and build quality in. In software development process one typical problem is the separation of development team from the testing team. Eyeagile gives a common platform for the development team, testing team, clients, and all the other stakeholders to work closely on a single platform.

Secondly, Eyeagile strongly endorses upfront testing. This enables testing environment to gain the same benefit of restraining overall complexities. As agile team works jointly, testing is done alongside or prior to the development. With agile methods, testing and development goes hand in hand. Regression testing allows catching, report and fix defects prior in the delivery process.

Increased Productivity 

Eyeagile is an agile project management tool that allows effective collaboration across teams, tools and projects while keeping customers involved throughout the project.

Measuring and managing multiple teams with precise and easy to read metrics improves team productivity. It uses burndown charts to show the actual progress of each iteration, insight widgets to provide metrics like velocity chart, defects daily trends, total effort chart etc. As an interesting side note, agile projects are 16% more productive at a statistically significant level of confidence.

Reduced costs 

Eyeagile is an agile project management tools that is aimed at reducing risks and production costs. With the features like iterative development and continuous feedback from all the stakeholders throughout the development cycle, Eyeagile reduces the risks while producing large-scale software. Having distinctive agile techniques, Eyeagile reduces costs and accelerate development. Moreover, rapid feedback, continuous adaption, real-time metrics like burndown chart, velocity, cumulative flow, gantt chart helps in mitigate the cost of your project.

Effective communication and improved collaboration 

Without an effective communication and coordination a team cannot be succeed. In today’s software world, teams are spread out across different locations, floors and commencing challenges to communication. Eyeagile provides an environment where all the stakeholders can work and communicate closely and can share updates, queries, capture relevant information for upcoming use, and allows multiple teams to gain complete information regarding project related activities. It removes the need of lengthy messages with awesome collaboration tools like message boards, file sharing to bring together all the stakeholders.

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Quick filtering in EyeAgile

EyeAgile recently developed a new feature to make your work easier and faster. Now with EyeAgile quick filtering, it is easier for user to drill down to the next level of detail of the data. Using quick filters, one can find –

Tasks assign to a specific user

  • Sort items by name, create date, effort etc
  • User stories that are not yet completed
  • Any item progress in certain range

and many more…

This means that user can filter and sort his view and doesn’t have to see any unimportant rows.

Quick filtering in EyeAgile



Managing projects via Email

Not only makes your work productive but also brings productivity habits in your team!

Accessing office data on the go is the most critical business requirement today. Things are moving so agile, that everybody wants to have instant access to their work from anywhere. People need a tool through which they can manage their projects efficiently from anywhere and at any time and can have healthier business communication. For most business people email remains the highest priority tool for business communication. And it looks like it will stay there for many more years.

How amazing it is to manage your projects via Email!
Imagine, like when u have five minutes of free time, you can just pull out your mobile phone, and via your email you can update your tasks, requirements, manage your project activities. If you can do all this via your Email, you can be constantly connected with your team and can be more productive. It will not only make your work productive but will also bring you productivity habits in your team.

Eyeagile, comes up with an innovative feature, Email interfacing with the aim of giving fast and an easy way to manage your agile projects. It enables project members to have an effective communication with their teams, managing their tasks and can effectively participate in project activities via Emails thereby instantly moving one step closer towards their goal.

View task via Email

View task via Email

With this feature you will be able to view ‘my task’, ‘user requirements’, upload/download associated documents from your task, file a bug, and add bug comments and so on through your Email. Team members can mail project information via E-mail and that information will be added in your platform automatically at a right place. Additionally, it stores all your email conversation and tracked with Eyeagile, along with all the follow-up communications. No more hunting through emails to find the right conversation.

Visual project management

Get real time insight into your project via Gantt chart

Eyeagile provides you visual project management, Gantt chart to manage your tasks and track project progress and organize your project priorities. You will be able to see your tasks and tasks progress simultaneously complied in a list and visualize on Gantt chart for project planning. The list view on the left side will show all the details of your tasks that include start date, due dates, task duration, task progress, members who are involved in particular tasks. The Gantt chart on the right side visualizes all the team’s changes to project plan in real time.

Track project progress visually

Track project progress visually

Manage tasks on the timeline with one mouse gesture!
Select the task from the left hand side column then choose the day when you want to plan to start the task. Click on an empty line in the timeline and then hold the mouse and drag it to the right. Once the task bar reaches the day when you want to finish the task, release the mouse. A dialog box will open where you can enter the task name and assign member for that task and other details. After filling the appropriate information hit the create task button.

It takes a second to create a task and add it to a plan. No need to notify the person to whom the task is assigned, because Eyeagile will do it for you by email notification. It is convenient to monitor your task through visual project management thus helps in improving productivity of your project.

Agile planning: Decomposition of user ideas and assign them into tasks

Decomposition of tasks

Your backlogs is normally comprised of user requirements and open defects. During iteration planning, the highest priority requirement is pulled and assigned as a backlog in the current/next iteration. In agile project management, requirements don’t decompose in to work tasks directly. These requirements are assigned into iterations first. Agile team spends few hours on the iteration planning first and then the part of the process of decomposing requirements in to tasks is done. This ensures that user requirements is being analyzed, discussed and reviewed by the team members and then it is being processed by a common approach. In agile project management, task decomposition is not done before iteration planning as it leads to considerable rework and waste.

Decomposition of user stories

Requirements are assigned as backlogs in to iteration

Just as there is much benefit for the agile team spending time collectively on reviewing each backlogs (requirements/defects), there is a similar value when agile team works collectively to decompose the tasks required to deliver each requirement. For example, junior members of the team get more knowledge and experience working with the more experience team members. This makes easier for agile team to contribute to the implementation approach together as it reduces errors and increases quality.  This also enables team members to have a better understating of the whole system and not just the part they are assigned to.

Eyeagile-Assigning user requirements as backlogs

EyeAgile-Assigning user requirements as backlogs

Avoid assigning task when overloaded

Teams not only time box their work but also assigns tasks to the developers if justified by their workload. In order to improve communication and collaboration, agile ensures to work together as a team as much as possible. Agile team tries to keep ‘work-in-progress’ tasks as low as possible. The status ‘work in progress’ shows that work is not completed yet. An agile team values ‘work done’. When team member is assigned any new tasks, it depends on the priority of the existing work to be done first. This automatically balances the workload across the teams.

To manage your agile projects successfully-

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Sharing is good!

Grant permission to your team members to access project data

“To have joy one must share it; happiness was born a twin”, working in an agile project development environment, we’d say, “An unshared project is no joy”. Now, Eyeagile brings you a new feature that makes sharing project data easier… much easier. After login to Eyeagile, Click on doc resources< Upload. Select the folder you want to share and click share icon.

Upload nested foldres in Eyeagile

Upload nested foldres in Eyeagile

Data sharing is one of the most important aspects in any project development process. Let’s see, some great offers Eyeagile shared folder feature is offering.

  • Share all your project data with your team- If you need to share all the project data with your team member, simply make a parent folder and put all the other folders there and share it with your teammates.
  • Make your new team members feel welcomed- By default all the project data will be hidden to your new team members. To make it visible you need to create a rule to shared relevant data and folders with your new team members.
  • Think of sub folders- If you share any folder with your team members, they will be able to access all its sub-folders.
  • Share little- If you want to share any folder with your team member but with a little access, you can always choose what permission you want to grant to your team members. You need to select the team member and choose the permission you want to give him.

This is useful especially when working with freelancer, clients.

Grant permission to access project data

Grant permission to access project data